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Froggy Adventures Part 3: The Captain Hangs Up His Cape

Froggy Adventures Part 3: The Captain Hangs Up His Cape
Captain save a ho is a term used to describe someone who will try to "save" a girl from all her problems in exchange for sum fuk. Fellow autists, like me have donned the cape time and again to get sum fuk, and it never turns out well. This is a story about the time the captain save a ho within hung up his cape forever because I put him in the fugging ground :DDD
>be me, 17 years old
>transfer out of private catholic school because its an actual joke and costs way too much money for what it is
>didnt wanna put my parents through all that for the C average student i was
>go to a public school for the first time in my life for my junior year
>so far, so good
>nobody bothers me or messes with me
>decide to not make friends there because the school is well known for being a ghetto cesspool and I already have friends back at my old school
>get lonely and have nothing to do after school or on weekends for the first few weeks of school
>boring as hell man
>decide to lighten up and start trying to make friends
>start talking to the people in my classes
>mostly ghetto
>find one girl in my math class who isn’t
>7/10 meme girl who is about as scum as I am named becca
>hit it off almost instantly and start talking all through math class whenever we have it
>she reveals that she transferred here from florida and has no friends here yet
>tells me how boring and lonely it is
>same, man, same
>become friends with becca and start hanging out with her regularly after school
>becca and i look for a table at lunch one day
>stumble upon a 9/10 qt3.14 with a smokin bod sitting all alone
>”hey becca, let's sit over there”
>”eh… i dunno. That girl seems like shes in the same boat as us.”
>”true, true”
>we sit down with the girl and find out shes actually pretty cool
>also has very few friends
>also into memes
>introduce ourselves and ask her name
>”its molly”
>a few weeks later, molly, becca and i are a trio like the three musketeers
>skip together sometimes, hang out on the weekends at beccas house sometimes
>becca and i realize that molly is flaky as hell and almost never hangs out with us
>molly reveals that shes been dating this chad scum named juan
>juan is an emo cholo fuck who cuts himself, shows molly and guilts her into staying with him
>ruh roh
>becca and i, being the great friends we are, decide to investigate jaun
>*secretly hoping to get with molly*
>becca is as dumb as a log and has a short attention span, so i have to do this on my own
>find out where juan sits at lunch
>sit at the table next to them and eavesdrop for a bit
>he and his cholo buds are having an chuckle
>”yeah, mang. I show her where my cat scratched me and she gives it up! Thinks its like self harm or something. Kisses, head… Im going for the pussy next, mang.”
>this is ingenious, but scummy as fuck
>since its not me getting kisses or head from molly, my jimmies get rustled
>report back to molly and becca to tell them what i heard
>molly goes into denial and doesnt believe me
>becca does though and decides to help me
>a week later, nothing changes and molly invites juan to start sitting with us at our table
>hating this, but nothing i can do
>until one fateful night
>next day at school, molly is telling everyone that juan raped her, including teachers and counselors
>juan gets in big trouble, molly gets a restraining order on him
>becca and i know that juan didnt really rape molly
>shes just saying that because she finally realized he was lying about cutting himself
>still, he gets into huge trouble and gets sent to juvie for the rest of the year
>becca worries that molly went too far
>im perfectly content, tell her shes worried for nothing
>good riddance, scum
>nows my time to shine
>now that juans outta the picture, molly has all the free time in the world
>hangs out with us more, texts and facetimes me often
>molly asks me if i want to go to the movies with her
>”y-yeah, sure!”
>a bit last minute, but im over the moon
>cant get a ride, but refuses to give up
>walks about 10 miles to the movie theatre
>gets there, all sweaty and tired, and realizes that not only did molly not mention that becca was coming, but didnt tell her parents that i was going to be there.
>after the whole rape situation, they’re pissed at her for not mentioning a boy would be there
>still go to the movies
>becca and molly are on their phones the entire time
>what the fuck
>becca sits between me and molly
>after walking all the way back home in the dark, molly texts me and tells me that shes trying to set me up with becca
>becca is a good friend, but shes fuckin weird
>shows me insertion and Pain Olympics porn all the time
>expresses her interest in daddydom play
>shows me weird shit like a mutation that makes a man ale to be born with two or more dicks
>always memeing, never serious
>fuck that shit, not interested
>get to school the next day, molly isnt there
>get to school the next week, still no molly
>all alone with becca
>fml, but on the other hand start to worry about molly
>ff to spring
>still no molly, but ive moved on to a new sort of crush
>21 year old emo chick in my art class
>she goes by rainbow
>8/10, always talks about her sexcapades, almost always smells like feet because she always wears the same socks
>held back like 3 times
>super into addy
>super into weed
>unstable as hell, but cool as heck
>molly isnt here and everyone else is ghetto
>besides, footfag, and she always rests her feet and legs on me in art
>one day, molly comes back to school
>thank god, i had no chance with rainbow
>becca and i reunite with molly at lunch, ask what happened
>she got put into the hospital by her parents after the movies
>they administered her there so they wouldnt have to deal with her bs
>abused her physically and emotionally, she shows us her scars and bruises
>she starts crying
>”anon, you have to help me. None of my other friends will and i dont know what to do”
>this situation is crazy as hell and i have no idea how i could possibly help her
>”i dunno about this, molly…”
>”i can’t go home with my parents today, anon, i cant. Theyll beat me again, i know it. Please…”
>*tried desperately to hold back captain save a ho*
>*fails miserably*
>dont worry, molly. I wont let anything bad happen to you ever again. I promise. They wont beat you ever again.”
>she hugs me
>im fucked
>spend the rest of that day coordinating with molly and becca to devise a beautiful, foolproof plan
>tell molly to skip the rest of her classes and stay in the bathroom, switching bathrooms every time the bell rings and blending in with the crowd of students traversing the halls
>tell becca to check in on molly periodically, once every two periods.
>in art, ask rainbow for help. She always brags about hair dye and has her hair a different color every week
>we all go to the bathroom molly is in with rainbow during last period and dye her hair a different color.
>give her a mix of our clothes; she switches pants with molly, switches shoes with rainbow, and i give her my hoodie
>we duck out of the schools back entrance an hour before school ends and run to a nearby wendys after buying a bunch of new hair dye colors for her
>molly starts freaking out, remembering that her parents have Find My Friends hooked up to her phone
>get the most autistic idea of my life
>take her SIM card out, crush it with my teeth, eat it
>take her phone itself, wipe all prints off of it
>buy gloves
>buy plastic bag
>put it in plastic bag with latex gloves to dispose of later
>shes free to go wherever she wants
>rainbow has a place for her to stay and she wont be found because she hadnt known who rainbow even was before today
>becca and i wish molly luck and go our separate ways
>a few weeks later, cops start showing up at school to investigate molly’s disappearance
>they start investigating all of molly’s friends that her parents have seen her with
>becca avoids investigation by seeming as upset as her parents, fake crying and all of that
>im not so lucky
>they ask me questions at school and call me at home
>”anon, are you positive you don’t know where molly is?”
>fuck me
>”y-yes. Positive.”
>policeman on phone sighs
>”its been reported by some of the students and staff at wendys-”
>oh fuck
>”- that molly was last seen at the wendys by your school-”
>”- sitting with you.”
>welp. The jig is up. I’d better not drop the soap.
>decide to tell the truth, without ratting out molly
>after all, thats why we all walked in opposite directions
>”t-that’s right, but i had no idea she was going to run away from home! She told me she was going home.”
>”i see, i see. So, you had no knowledge that she wanted to run away?”
>sudden lightbulb above my head
>why lie, when i can bust her shitty parents?
>“Actually… she did mention something about wanting to run away at lunch…”
>tell the piggies all about her scars and bruises, and the admission to the hospital and her disappearance from school
>”That’s… interesting. Her parents never mentioned anything about that when they filed this report.”
>feel like a badass
>”didn’t they?”
>”well. You have a nice night, anon.”
>”you too, officer. Hope you get to the bottom of this. Let me know if theres anything else you need from me.”
>*hang up tone*
>get fucking PSYCHED
>most thrilling moment of my life, heart is racing, feel completely energized
>decide to have a celebratory fap after my shower
>blaring music in the shower, dancing and singing like an idiot
>suddenly, music is interrupted by a text message
>decide to take that as my cue to end the shower
>get out, read message
>its from a local number that ive never seen or saved before
>it reads: “anon, we know you have molly’s phone.”
>heart stops, eyes widen
>realize that I forgot to dispose of the phone
>its still in its plastic bag in my backpack
>start to have a panic attack
>”who are you?”
>”this is molly’s father. Meet me outside of your school at 7:00 am and no later. You wont get in any trouble. Im sending my wife to retrieve our daughter’s phone.”
>flip out, show my mom, tell her everything
>she flips out too, wants to destroy the phone
>”mom, thats fucking retarded, they want it back.”
>never cursed at my mom before, both silent
>i expect to get in trouble, but shes still listening to me
>”look, we just need to give them the phone back. They probably dropped the case after i told the police why molly ran away.”
>mom finally comes around. We leave our house at 6 am, just to be sure.
>we scope out the place, no cops. We’re sitting across the street to be sure
>at 6:55, a minivan rolls up to the school and parks before a woman in a fancy coat gets out and stands in front of the doors.
>i get out of the car, mom wishes me luck before speeding off
>”you have phone?”
>terrible, broken english. Shes not from here and probably not even mollys real mother
>maybe their maid or something?
>mollys family was pretty loaded after all
>give her the phone after a while, still in its plastic bag
>she inspects the phone
>”what happen to phone card? Where is it?”
>i dont answer, embarrassed that my autistic plan didnt even work
>”where is card?” she asks more forcefully
>”I… I ate it.”
>she glares at me, but cars start to roll up into the roundabout in parking lot in front of the school
>she looks back at me, rolls her eyes and goes back to her minivan before driving off
>the first school bell rings and i go inside, the day plays out like normal
>i text my mom that it all worked out
>she scolds me when i get home and asks questions about everything i do in school
>becomes more active as a parent all around
>alone with becca again
>she turns into a slut and loses her virginity in a mall bathroom to this arab kid she started dating after 3 days of knowing him
>cries to me in math class about how he wont talk to her anymore
>he thinks she lied about being a virgin because she “no bleed like goat”
>actually bust out laughing in class
>she gets mad at me for laughing
>doesnt wanna be friends anymore
>ok bye
>molly comes back to school a few weeks later
>she got caught sleeping on a bench somewhere because she left rainbows place like an idiot
>all that work
>all that risk
>for fucking nothing
>mfw she actually had some sort of mental illness and was a compulsive liar
>mfw her parents never laid a finger on her
>mfw she apparently ran away often
>mfw a few weeks later she tried to fake a pregnancy for attention
>said she “snuck into the doctors office at night” and “gave herself an ultrasound”
>why didnt you just get a fake pregnancy test
>i dont understand
>to this day, i havent fallen prey to captain save a ho tendencies once
>shits just not worth it
>the next time you think you can save a qt3.14 from all her problems and get sum fuk as reward
>stop being  faggot
>and go fap instead
>kill captain save a ho and be done with it


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