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Froggy Adventures Part 2: So Close

Froggy Adventures Part 2: So Close

Froggy here. This is the time that i bent myself over a table and fucked myself. Right up the ass. Enjoy my suffering, tadpoles, and learn from it.

>be me, the fall after the summer of becoming an footfag
>high school now bitch
>time to kick ass and take names
>join the football team to impress dad and be with friends
>accomplish neither and ride bench nearly whole season
>did manage to almost get sum fuk tho
>it was the start of fall season
>one day, a chad and I were waiting for our rides after practice
>last two guys waiting on the steps of the school, we chat it up, head down to a nearby convenience store for some snackies
>this chad wasn’t too bad
>a cut above the other chads on the team, actually a pretty cool dude
>we’ll refer to him as brad for the remainder of this story
>brad and I run into one of brads friends from middle school on the way back from the store with our snackies
>we’re still in football gear - pads, jerseys, cleats
>I'm feelin pretty ballsy
>ask for her name and introduce myself
>she’s an 8 outta 10 and a real qt3.14, but she seems more into brad than me.
>put my foot down
>decide that my beta days of middle school are over
>become very good friends with Mary over the course of the first few weeks of school
>meet all her friends, become good friends with them too
>get her alone one day and the subject of crushes comes up
>”if… if i tell you who i like, do you think you could help me out?”
>never done this before, but fuck it
>”yeah, of course! Just call me the matchmaker!”
>actually become a matchmaker amongst my friends
>turns out Mary likes brad
>she asks me to find out if he likes her back but to be mysterious about it so brad wont catch on to marys crush on him
>terrible with trying to be sneaky, but ill give it a shot
>call brad up that night
>”yo brad”
>”why’re you calling me, anon? Its like 8 pm and i barely know you”
>take a deep breath, you can do this.
>”do you like mary? she asked me to ask you”
>nailed it
>”um… no. why would i like mary?”
>mfw shes like a sister and a wingman to him and he could never see her that way
>the first time i realized that girls get friendzoned too
>well shit
>text mary
>”mission failed, we’ll get ‘em next time”
>shes a bit down, but is grateful to me for trying
>mfw the next day brad confronted mary about liking him in front of their whole gym class
>humiliated her in front of her friends
>dick move, but brads a dim bulb, didnt know any better
>she calls me that night, bawling her eyes out on the phone
>something strikes a chord in me
>her crying triggers a sudden warm feeling, coupled with the urge to right what was wronged and protect my princess from further harm by becoming her prince charming
>calm her down on the phone
>she thanks me
>we register each other on our home phones and call every day after school
>as time goes on mary gets over brad and i take his place as her close guy friend
>despite doing a terrible job as a matchmaker, i try to redeem myself and start to set up my friends.
>sets up mary’s best friend kate with a football buddy named arizona
>they called him arizona on the team because he transferred here from a school in arizona
>what they didnt know was that behind his toughguy jock disguise, was a woman who longed to be free
>kate and arizona hit it off
>they start to date, so far so good
>basking in the accomplishment of successful matchmaker
>getting closer to mary for making her best friend so happy
>a few weeks later, arizona reveals to kate all the horrors of his secret transgender agenda
>and the shocking secret that he was a cheerleader in his last school
>and even more shocking; that he prefers sausage to tacos
>i knew that fag was a fag
>wouldn’t stop slapping asses in the locker room, even when told to stop
>literally cupped my gooch once and almost raped my friend bestbro in the locker room but played it off as “horseplay” and got off scot free
>regardless, kate is mortified
>she feels like a failure as a girlfriend for making arizona feel like this was an ok thing to admit to her
>decide to step up for kate and earn some brownie points
>get angry at arizona and threaten him in the halls for doing such a shitty thing
>drag him to kate during lunch and force him to apologize
>she tells him off and reveals his secret to some of the people at lunch
>mary notices this and mistakes it for alpha behavior
>she fell for it
>"misson passed - respect+"
>meanwhile, kate starts being super nice to me
>feels indebted to me for standing up to arizona for her
>asks me if theres anything she could do for me
>ask her to help me get with mary
>she accepts and becomes the wingman
>fuck yiss
>tells me to try playing a game with mary over text
>some sort of twist to 20 questions where the questions get more and more sexual
>gets on the topic of first kisses
>”anon, have you had your first kiss yet?”
>fucking shit
>if i say yes, she’ll know im lying
>if i say no, my alpha ruse will dissolve
>decide to go the straight and narrow and admit that i havent had my first kiss yet
>”oh really? I figured you might have by now. I have.”
>doesnt respond out of shame and defeat
>gets another text from her
>”that’s okay though. If you want… i could be your first kiss.”
>spaghetti tumbles out of every pore and orrifice
>”yeah. You’re really nice and kinda cute so i wouldnt mind”
>only kinda?
>eh, fair nuff
>”it has to be a surprise though, okay? I cant know when or where you’re gonna do it.”
>things get steamy real fast from there
>questions get sexual
>decide to pretend like i dont fap as often as i do
> she falls for it
>mary starts to get turned on that shes more experienced than i am
>tells me that her pussy is throbbing because of me and that she wants to explore together
>i have no idea what im doing
>we begin to rp and sext, telling each other things we want to do to the other and have wanted to for a while
>i come up with baby shit as i have never sexted before
>”i’ll kiss and suck on your neck.”
>”i’ll touch your boobs.”
>meanwhile, mary’s firing on all cylinders
>”I’m going to swallow your cock and lube it up with my spit so you can ram my fucking pussy with it. Then, I want you to finish all over my tits.”
>oh fuck
>she has done this sort of thing before, but reveals with descriptions of impossible sounding sex positions and wrong usage of sex terms that she just reads a lot of fanfic lemons
>still has me hard as hell
>start to jerk off as she fingers herself
>phone sex, lots of hot moaning and dirty talk
>lose it halfway through because I really really like her and dont want things to go down this road so quickly when i havent even kissed her yet
>she texts me, telling her to call her and to not stop until she tells me to
>texts me
>”stuff came out and got on my phone and it felt fucking amazing”
>did that bitch just cum?
>girls cum?
>realizes that I gave a girl her first orgasm and was on the fast track to in person things

*a week later*
>we go on a few dates and people think we’re dating
>arizona antagonizes us and chants for us to kiss whenever he sees us
>mary and i pay him no mind but still havent kissed
>no guts to actually surprise her with a kiss
>still, its nice being with her
>we hold hands and hang out outside of school and phone sex becomes a regular thing
>she introduces me to more of her friends and we go ice skating late at night
>meet her father, she was really scared that he’d hate me, but dat charisma
>he shakes my hand
>firmest handshake of my life to this day. Actually crushed my hand.
>examines me and keeps eye contact the whole time to see if i flinch
>somehow, i dont
>”you’re an alright guy, anon. Hopefully, i’ll see you again some time.”
>mary hugs me and they leave the ice skating rink
>i think he broke my finger

*FF to about a month later, November*
>still havent kissed mary but things are going well
>still havent told her that i actually really like her romantically, not just as fwb who sext
>starts daydreaming about making things serious with mary
>starts becoming unable to get hard from the sexting, thinks deeply about how my feelings for her mean more than sexual ones or fapping
>beta mode re-engage
>she sends me a pic of her in an all black leather suit, exposing cleavage
>nice tits, but still scared to death for first time
>”my brother doesn’t like it, but what do you think? How do i look, anon?”
>”well… I get where your brother is coming from. I mean, if i had a sister-”
>didnt like that one bit
>get nervous, go to friends for help
>is taught in catholic school that premarital sex is a mortal sin
>doesnt want me or mary to go to hell
>seek advice from arizona, since he’s a sophomore and am freshie
>gives me shit advice and instantly tells mary all that i told him for revenge because of kate
>she knew he was salty
>she lets me off with a warning
>doesn’t learn my lesson
>I tell my best friend at the time, bestbro , everything thats happened with mary
>shows him our texts to prove it
>since we’re both from a small catholic school and both kissless virgins, hes over the moon
>begs him to not tell anyone
>he promises he wont
>been friends with bestbro since 2nd grade
>love him to pieces to this day, but bestbro is terrible at keeping secrets
>tells the rest of the chads we knew from middle school
>they tell other chads and stacys
>before you know it, Mary and I and our sexual texting adventures are the talk of the school
>Mary flips out and texts me after school that day
>i go into save the day mode and come up with a super heartfelt and sincere apology
>”im so sorry, mary, i didnt mean to hurt you. I was just scared… ive never been so close to a girl before and i really like you. I never meant for any of this to happen :(“
>that, for the most part, is what i ended up typing
>except for the emoticon, at the end
>you see
>full keyboard flip phones were very popular at the time, and i had one
>and mary was bombarding me with angry and hurt text messages, i had to type like the wind
>so in my haste
>instead of punctuating all that with a sad face as I had planned to
>I sent her this emoticon on accident
> ;)
>all hell breaks loose
>I tried to explain, but it was no use
>mary refuses to talk to me in person, dodges my home phone calls, and blocks my number
>her older brother finds me in the halls, he looks pissed for a usually zen guy
>hes a junior
>sees him coming
>oh shit. Time to get my teeth kicked in.
>walks over to me, looks at me dead in the eye, takes a deep breath
>”why?” he asks calmly
>shattered by his simple response to what i’d done
>”i-i didnt mean to-”
>holds up his hand to shut me up
>shakes his head
>”you fucked up, anon.”
>walks away
>instantly feels like crying but sadness turns to anger
>leave my class early to find bestbro
>see him at his locker
>enemy spotted
>”YOU.” I shout down the hall
>”Oh, hey anon, how-”
>punches him in the stomach as hard as i can
>holds back a bit at the last moment because bestbro is bestbro
>still knocks the wind out of him
>”why…?” i asked him “why the fuck would you tell them what happened? You fucked everything up!”
>his simple response
>”well… why did you tell me?”
>anger drains away
>hes right
>why did i tell him?
>he didnt fuck this up, i did.
>to this day, mary hates my guts
>mfw I never told her how I felt
>mfw i was this close to getting sum kiss

>mfw i was this close to getting sum fuk


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