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A message from our sponsor: CyberGhost!


Its Azrael here from Greentexted! This is a message from our sponsors who have generously accepted our request to sponsor us! (This message was written by me and idrk what to say so here it goes)

>be me
>be browsing internet
>popup appears 
>open up Cyberghost
>turn on VPN
>Bypass blocked website and reap the rewards

If you guys didn't understand my short horrible greentext, what im trying to say is that CyberGhost is an amazing VPN service to protect your internet privacy from all sorts of people. I personally use it and it is AMAZING. If anyone is interested in trying it out PLEASE click the links below and download/try it out, it will help us here at Greentexted out so much you wont even believe.

Love you guys (and girls) so much :)

Download CyberGhost for Windows

Download the Hotel VPN Kit

Link for the app store


  1. >tfw Cyberghost's website is blocked too

  2. Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed5/14/17, 7:33 PM

    >Not using the TOR proxy circuit


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