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Bye dad

Got some feels for ya
>be me few years back, 15 living with my dad ( just got close to him ((he wasn't always there when I was a kid but I moved in with him for about a year and half and we became best friends )))
>girl friend moves to Houston Tx. ( which is 8 hours away )
>tells me one day that I can go but I have to take a bus, I tell my dad and he jumps at the opportunity to send me to Houston.
>within an hour of her telling me my dad bought a ticket (he over paid due it being last minute ) and had my things packed (we didn't tell anyone not even my mom. We weren't on speaking terms back then )and we were waiting for the bus to pick me up from station.
>we talk like normal although looking back at it something seemed off
>bus arrives and I get on, he gives me a really big hug and says " I'll see you when you get back, I love you "
>FF a week Father's Day