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My sweet julia...

>be me
>be 21
>test lasers for a living, doing well
>recently broken up with slutbag gf after 2 years
>hell froze over idk
>gave me an excuse to workout and get in great shape
>finish work on friday
>go to dinner at my families sandwich shop in the town we live in
>20 y/o qt 3.14 julia named Julia works the front counter
>after 3 years of being too pussy to make a move and not wanting to make things awkward
>get into conversation with julia and customer about weekend plans
>customer is going to theme park
>Julia turns to me and asks me what im doing for the weekend
>spaghetti falls out of pockets
>bush did harambe
>finally after 15 seconds tell her that im gonna be hanging out at home
>julia says "come to my beach house tomorrow, ill be there with some of my family"
>had to play it cool
>prego sauce dripping from pockets already
>being alpha af say that ill come but only if its a good time
>julia smiles and promises it will
>still not sure if pity invite or serious one
>next morning
>wakeup to a text from julia saying "Hey Anon, you coming tonight? I've got a free room for you"
>text back saying that I'm definitely coming and that ill bring some liquor
>day flashes by
>finally 6pm
>ask julia for address
>get address: 201 dat boi avenue
>2 hour drive
>well worth it for qt julia
>get there after picking up drinks
>knock on door
>julia answers wearing sundress
>like the fag i am my jaw drops
>dress hugs her tiny 5'1" frame beautifully
>roll up my tongue and say hello
>julia invites me inside
>house seems quiet and empty
>I ask where everyone is
>"they come down tomorrow" she says sweetly
>somewhere in the distance steel beams r melting
>julia tells me to follow her to put my stuff away
>beautiful ass jiggles in sundress as i walk behind her
>dick stands at attention
>follow her into her room
>put stuff down
>have realization that i might be staying in her room
>dick swelling intesifies
>"okay anon, my cousins having a party not too far from here. lets go"
>walk side by side a couple blocks over
>bullshitting about her coworkers
>muster up the courage to say that she looks great tonight
>"thanks anon, I wore something nice for you"
>get to the house
>Julias cousin is in her mid twenties
>kind of a qt
>most of the people at the party are older
>start drinking
>julia starts getting handsy as the drinks start going down
>play beerpong
>partner with julia
>sink all of the shots to win us the first game
>she looks happy as fuck
>start second game
>shit goes south
>havent hit a single cup, they hit 5 out of 10
>julia is useless, arms are like ramen noodles
>get on fire, hit 6 cups back to back
>on top of mt everest
>being the alpha i am
>bounce ball to get 2 more cups out
>its now our 2 cups to their 2 cups
>they hit one
>starting to get worried
>they miss second
>Julia shoots first
>I hit one more cup
>their turn
>ball gets thrown
>gets into our cup
>julia blows it out
>get fucking hype
>hug her
>realize what i did
>realize shes hugging me tighter than i was hugging her
>next opponent shoots and misses
>lets do this
>i shoot first
>airball that bitch
>qt grill julia might be looking beautiful af
>but bitch cant hit a shot for her life
>somehow channels her inner peyton manning
>gets last cup
>turn to her expecting a hug
>get jumped on and start making out
>immediate hard on
>drunk makeout for what a couple minutes
>finally stop and just smile at each other for what seems like an eternity
>she has beautiful blue eyes
>continue drinking and partying
>but now were inseparable
>shot after shot
>couple hours later
>people start leaving
>julias friend wants to go home
>we offer to walk her
>walk other grill home
>make alpha comment on how beautiful the moon looks and how nice the ocean sounds
>julia takes initiative and says we should go to the beach and walk on it
>start walking on beach
>far from entrance
>we see police quads with lights on in the distance
>julia yells at me to strip
>drunk me complies
>throw shit in her bag and halfway bury it
>julia runs into water
>nekkid in ocean with cute ass grill
>cops come by where we were
>flash floodlight around but cant find us
>whisper to her that the water is really warm
>pigs finally leave
>start laughing with julia
>her smile kills me
>run out of ocean
>get dressed and speed to the shore
>still dripping from the ocean
>clothes are soaked
>walk back to her house
>get inside and she throws me a towel
>"anon im gonna take a shower"
>say okay and tell her that im gonna be in the living room
>"no silly, come with me"
>geodude dick super effective
>strip next to her
>admire her perfect body
>get into hot shower
>steamy af
>immediate makeout
>run my hands down her body
>so smooth
>she jerks me off as her tongue is down my throat
>gets on her knees
>best blowjob of 2k16
>feeling like king of the world
>she stops right before i blow my load
>we finish washing up
>she grabs my hand and leads me to her room
>jumps on her bed completely wet
>both kinds of wet
>"anon i want you to fuck me"
>she said it in the most innocent way
>i go crazy
>climb on top and slide the tip in
>so good
>dick her down for 15 minutes while she moans and scratches my back
>probably bleeding but fuck it
>tell her im about to cum
>krispy kreme donut glaze incoming
>i pull out
>she jumps off bed and shoves my chode into her throat
>blast off
>10x the blast of hiroshima
>she swallows
>she wipes her mouth and puts on a pair of panties
>"anon are you hungry?"
>say yes
>expecting a sandwich like the dominant male i am
>does one better
>fries eggs at 4 am
>best fucking eggs ever
>go back to her bed
>she curls up next to me
>feels surreal
>cant be real
>definitely not butter
>no way gucci is out of jail
>wake up fast af the next morning
>feeling a tugging
>look down
>make wonderful eye contact as she rests her head on my thigh while my second head rests on her tongue
>no fucking way
>feeling fucking blessed
>get more head
>she climbs on top
>rides me like im a damn rodeo bull
>she cums so hard shes shaking
>after falling on me she gets back up and slides back down to finish the job
>get more head
>finish in her mouth again
>my little twinkie
>get dressed
>she goes to the bathroom
>"anon wanna grab breakfast? I'll invite my cousin" I hear echo from the other room
>reply yes and that ill drive
>get into car a few minutes later
>drive to perkins
>5/7 breakfast
>julia asks her cousin after if she wants to come to the beach
>cousin says no
>assume were going
>get back to the house
>just me and the booty goddess
>she tells me to change for the beach
>as im changing she walks out in a thong
>almost fall over
>so beautiful
>spend the next 5 hours talking and swimming
>rest on sheet in the sand
>side by side facing each other
>gather all the courage in the world
>confess to her that i've had a crush on her for 3 years and have always been too pussy
>tell her that i've wanted to tell her but wasnt sure if she felt the same way and didnt want to make things awkward at work
>julia says nothing
>say that she doesnt have to tell anyone what happened and that it can just be our little..
>she puts her finger on my lips
>says "Anon, I've wanted to do this for a long time. I just didnt want to get inbetween you and your ex"
>"itll be our little secret anon, you dont have to tell anyone"
>happy as can be
>after the beach we go get some ice cream
>bring ice cream back to the house
>she gets two servings of cream.
>one iced, one hot
>its now that time
>tell her that i have to go back home because of work
>she frowns and tells me not to go
>I tell her i have to
>I turn around to grab my stuff
>while packing i ask if she needs anything before i leave
>she grabs my arm
>her hand is ice cold
>"i need about tree fitty"
>whip my head around
>It was around this time I realized that this grill was about 8 stories tall and a crustacean from the paleozoic era.


  1. This feels like a repost. Or maybe I've seen it somewhere. Iunno.
    Still glad this website exists.

    1. Its a repost. It was posted a little while ago on here, actually.

    2. Didnt have time to search the posts for it to check if its a repost srry :/ might not be but I needed to get some new content out and this was submitted

    3. Didnt have time to search the posts for it to check if its a repost srry :/ might not be but I needed to get some new content out and this was submitted

  2. This was already posted on here under the name of Oh, Crab!

    1. Thank you, I will look into it and remove the post if necessary

    2. Thank you, I will look into it and remove the post if necessary

    3. so when we submit greentexts can we only submit stories from 4chan or our own experiences in the submission told like greentexts

    4. You can submit your own story told like a greentext

  3. >get address: 201 dat boi avenue

    Only reason I kept reading

  4. Loch Ness Monster strikes again.

  5. That end tho...what?

    1. Lurk moar newfeg

  6. it's "about tree fiddy", not "about tree fitty", what is the OP even doing


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