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We are monsters

you monsters are people grafitti
Hey /b/, am I a monster? also this is kind of a feels thread
Here's a little story for you fags, don’t expect much in the way of storytelling, it’s more like a collection of events.

>be me during first day at highschool
>be at class
>check out my classmates, seeing which one of these people will be lucky enough to be called my friend
>there’s this kid, let’s call him eddie, he approaches me to talk.
>we hang out for a bit
>I start to think maybe this will be my high school friend (I was new at the highschool anyway)

>Notice eddie walks a bit funny
>turns out he has a partial paralysis in his leg, and his arm, basically he drags his leg and has his arm placed as if he was making a swan figure 24/7
>also notice he never closes his mouth, but figure this must be simply because of a habit rather than a problem.
>I have nothing against handicapped people so I don’t care
>but I had some real bad excuse of human beings for classmates, and they did cared about it.
>they bullied eddie constantly, started calling him the zombie
>this kid, jules, is especially mean with him, he goes to the lengths of threatening people not to talk to eddie
>he tries to threaten me but I don’t care
>but eddie was getting more annoying with each passing day
>noticed he is very socially retarded, not because of a problem, just because he is that way
>he repeats stupid slangs in stupid tones, trying to be a "cool kid"
>eddie loses favor with me, no longer talk to him.
>nobody talked to this kid, he literally had no friends, nobody wanted to hang out with him.
>even the class nerds, some guys who looked like martians, had friends and they backed each other, but eddie, nobody liked him, nobody payed attention to him, they just bullied him.
>it gets to the point where one day eddie doesn’t shows up for like 3 days and the principal gets the whole class in a hall

>Principall tells us she has been contacted by eddie's mom, we bullied the kid so much, he doesn't want to show up to school anymore.
>she tells us how we have to cut off the bullying, and be nice to him, or else she'll suspend the whole class.
>we're 7th graders so of course we crap our pants when we hear that.
>we agree to the principal terms
>eddie comes back
>pretty much everyone cutted on the bullying, but we still didn’t want to be around him.
>jules was still a big a**hole to him though
>eddie travelled in the same bus as jules, one day, without provocation, jules goes up to eddie and hits him in the face
>jules was a roid maniac and eddie was built like a twig, I felt really bad for the kid.
>but at the same time, deep down, I knew eddie kind of had it coming.
>see, eddie wasn’t like other disabled kids, he was kind of a prick too, maybe not on purpose, maybe he was too socially dumb to know that his behavior was not adequate, but he used to insult a lot of people as if they were his friends, he used to call everybody names, and he always had this annoying tone
>so I kind of understood why jules was such a prick to him
>plus this kid was simply not somebody you wanted to have around you, even if you'd ignore his physical issues
>he had a huge, curved unibrow
>huge bucktooth with huge gums
>his breath, gosh, his breath, it was the foulest thing you could smell
>his smell in general was disgusting, i swear i was sure this kid didn’t took a shower every day.

>So yeah, you really didn’t wanted to be around eddie
>every single time I was about to be overwhelmed by pity, he'd do something really stupid (as in, a jerk move) which would turn every bit of pity into rage.
>guy was annoying in general
>jules keeps up with the bullying
>eddie still doesn’t gets that maybe he should not even try to approach these people, but still, he does, and he keeps on revealing details about his life which he should never mention to anyone.
>he tells us he used to wet his bed until he was like 11
>the guy is terrified about everything, he is terrified about harry potter, about lord of the rings, about every single cartoon, basically anything with a monster
>he even says he can’t watch "lost" because the idea of people stuck on an island scares him
>of course jules uses this as bully fuel.
>eddie pisses off the wrong people, manages to even piss off seniors
>bullying is reaching critical levels again
>the teachers basically had to give this guy the high school equivalent of protective custody

>End of the year
>I never messed much with eddie
>But as you might have already noticed, most guys in my class were grade a douchebags and troublemakers
>I ended up befriending Jules, he was actually my first good friend in high school
>But for 8th grade, I request to be changed to other class
>See this story does not happens in the US, our high school system works like this:
>about 30 kids get put into a section, and this section is sent to multiple lessons, we don’t get to choose our lessons or cross paths with people from other grades during classes.
>I was part of 7th-b
>this was meant to last until my senior year
>but I requested to be changed because my psychopathic friends almost got me expelled several times
>So I asked to be made part of the C group
>8th grade arrives
>I’m called to 8th-C
>eddie remains at 8th-b with Jules and the other bullies
>Eveything intensifies, eddie gets beat up way more, they throw hardcover books, backpacks, and a bunch of stuff at him
>most girls try to take pity on him and help him
>but like I said, eddie was a prick, and kind of a perv too, so they ended up hating him too
>again, nobody wanted to talk to him
>he is infamous even at my group (group C)
>some years go by
>we're now in 10th grade
>school makes annual soccer championship by groups
>and this is where I knew we were all monsters.

>The soccer tournament is organized by the P.E teachers
>basically every group, from every grade, has a team
>every grade is asked to give a roster of the players who will participate
>eddie really wanted to be part of the 10th-b team
>10th-b had some of the best players at school so I knew that wouldn’t happen
>besides eddie's leg was pretty much more fragile than glass, one time somebody tripped him over and he almost had to be sent to the hospital
>so It’s pretty obvious he can’t play soccer
>the guy insists hard
>says he will tell the teachers
>so the 10th-b team (Jules was my inside man on the b group) tells eddie that he will be part of the team
>they tell him he will be the goalkeeper
>he obviously won’t be the gk, they just told him that to make him shut up
>tournament is in 2 weeks
>always see eddie on the soccer field during breaks, making some awkward moves that in his mind, resembled those of a GK
>his sister tells me the guy has been super excited about being the GK, he won’t stop mentioning at home and "practicing", even after school
>tell her they obviously won’t let him play
>she knows, but she can’t do much about it
>eddie goes around school telling everyone how he has been selected as the GK for 10th-b (remember these guys were the best team in school)
>people obviously don’t buy it
>but he is oblivious
>so the day of the tournament comes
>the guys shows up, he even bought a GK uniform, with gloves and everything
>his hand is still angled like a swan's figure, even with the glove
>the game starts
>the actual GK of 10th-b gets to the post
>eddie looks at him
>10th-b tells him "no you're not eddie, go sit in the bench, if this guy gets injured, you can replace him"
>eddie breaks down in tears
>runs away
>we're monsters.

>10th-b team is suspended for what they did
>10th-c world the tournament, felt pretty good.
>anyway, bully to eddie still continues
>its mostly verbal now
>the guy always asks for it with his pricky attitude
>he tries to fit in with every social group
>the guy buys a white hoodie to try to fit with the blacks (he was a mulatto)
>blacks look at him like wtf are you doing here
>one day in literature class
>teacher asks us to take our books
>some books were of communal use
>I take one
>open it
>there’s something written on the pages

>the text reads
>I actually raged after reading this, I wrote next to the text
>"hope you idiots don’t have a kid with a disability like that, so that you don’t have to go through what this kid goes through".
>10th grade finishes
>eddie failed 10th grade, so he won’t be graduating with us
>Jules was finally expelled from the school
>Eddie will now be assigned to the class where my cousin is
>this class has a reputation worst than the former 10th-b
>11th grade starts for me, 10th grade starts back for eddie
>my cousin keeps me on the loop
>Some black guy of my cousin's class throws hardcover books at eddie all the time, with the strength of the gods
>they throw the leftovers of their lunch inside of eddie's backpack
>they stuff him into lockers
>eddie still tries to act like a prick
>one day he randomly calls the girls of the class "hoes" (even though they were standing up for him)
>my cousin, a huge guy, grabs his desk, with eddie still sitting in it, and lifts it with one hand (this is no joke I swear)
>"look buddy, if I ever hear you again calling my friends b*tches, I'll throw you from the 2nd floor, is that clear?"
>eddie must be traumatized by now
>I graduate from high school
>eddie failed 10th grade again
>ff like 3 years
>we make a small highschool reunion for a friend who got cancer
>it was a religious school, so the administration lets us use the church.
>I’m with my friend, let’s call her nathalie
>nathalie was in an extremely abusive relationship with a former friend of mine.

>Nathalie's ex boyfriend was a former friend of mine
>Guy was a psycho, he made Jules look like a saint
>I’m not kidding he was literally a diagnosed psychopath
>he used to rape and beat Nathalie all the time (We didn’t had a clue)
>let’s call him patrick the psycho.
>nathalie is no longer with the guy
>she is now the gf of another friend of mine, let’s call him Seb,
>Seb was huge as well, a very, very physically imposing men.
>we gather around, about to make a prayer.
>teachers (they were there to ensure we wouldn’t do crazy things at church) asks us if we got any petitions
>eddie is here
>again he is acting as if he was always everybody's best friend.
>just annoying
>still smells like crap
>randomly approaches me and hugs me
>holy cow I almost fainted, this guy smells so bad.
>anyway, yeah the teacher asks if we got petitions
>eddie tells his petition is
>"I want nath to be back with patrick"
>see Seb
>never seen the guy so mad
>he's about to go full yeti on eddie
>me and some other guy calm him down
>we managed to stop him from breaking eddie like a twig
>nathalie was trying to be nice from the beginning, but she couldn't do it anymore.

>So after the meetup, we decide to go to a bar or something.
>be super discreet about it so that eddie doesn’t finds out
>because we don’t want that guy anywhere near us.
>nathalie herself (really still in shock at what the guy said) tells us she is not going anywhere if eddie is coming.
>Eddie finds out we're going to a bar.
>he gets super excited
>we don’t have the balls to tell him he can’t come, so we just play along
>Seb suggest hooters
>eddie suddenly shouts with all the might of his lungs "HOOTERS??!! OMG YEEEESS!!!"
>we realize even more we can’t be with this guy.
So we make a plan
>6 of us are driving cars, the idea is to fill up every car super fast before eddie can get into one to leave him behind under the excuse that we had no room.
>eddie tries to get into my car while I was taking a piss
>One of my friends, already on the car, keeps him out like a boss "this isn’t my car eddie, i think it’s already full!"
>we get on the cars
we start to leave
>eddie pretty much jumped in front of one car.
>So we are forced to take him
>we need to do something
>We pull over somewhere.
>I call friend
>he and I were the only guys in our grade who spoke german
>tell him in german
>He does it
>we go to the bar without eddie
>eddie texts Seb, asking if we're at the bar
>Seb ignores him of course.
>feel kind of bad for him
>but remember he is a prick.
>so I’m driving some of the people home
>one of the girls in my car was hired by eddie's mom to tutor him into some subjects
>so she is tight with the family
>I tell her that eddie pretty much had it coming
>she tells me
>"you don’t know, right anon?"
>"eddie is in the first stage of schizophrenia anon"

>so yeah eddie is in the first stage of SZ
>"and he actually has a slight mental retardation"
>"the reason he is so annoying is because nobody ever gave him a chance so he didn’t had a normal social development"
>on facebook, nobody likes eddie's stuffs, he autolikes his pictures and posts, he posts a bunch of retarded updates
>his birthday party comes and again, some of my former classmates are invited by his mom to assist
>some of them show up, one of them even goes with his guitar to make some music
>again: the mom pays people to attend his parties
>says eddie's condition is degenerative
>the guy will only get worse
>I honestly felt like the crappiest person in the world
>all this time I had been a huge prick to a guy who couldn’t help himself
>to a guy who was so bad at socializing, his mom had to pay for people to attend his birthday
>no wonder he was always saying crap.
>and I was the one who came up with the plan to leave him behind.

Man I honestly think I’m a monster for what I did to this kid, he is mentally scarred for life, sometimes I see his facebook wall out of curiosity and the things he posts are just sad. 

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  1. Good job, but, not like you knew.

  2. Not your fault, you judged him on the content of his character and it was shit

  3. Eddie is a fag

  4. Some people simply don't fit into society.

  5. Ditch him. Just because he was unlucky doesn't mean he gets a free pass on everything. I know people with mental disorders and I do everything in my power to avoid them because most of them are generally annoying people, one of them even acknowledges that he's annoying everyone and enjoys it.

  6. That may be feely for a fag like OP, but that boring as fuck. I was waiting forna school shoot em up or something. Way to suck cocks OP. Go be sad somewhere else.


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