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The story of Lyn

feels guy wearing a sad frog pepe hoodie
Gather around folks, I got a feels story for you, haven't seen one in a while.

>be me during senior year in high school
>asperger, severe social awkwardness and anxiety
>school was small-mid size, lots of people knew each other, had a lot of them added on facebook.
>this one girl always caught my eye, not in a sexual way though, she seemed genuinely interesting.
>didn’t know her name
>she had kind of a goth/dark vibe
>she was 1 year my senior (she had already graduated
>find out her name, its lyn.
>gather the courage to talk to her on fb

>she is ridiculously nice despite looking super dark
>pale skin, beautiful jet black hair, full lips (usually painted in blood red), small but nice boobs, great butt, great legs.
>FF a few months
>We're great friends now, she comes over to my place
>I swear I have no sexual feelings for this girl, nor does she.
>Find out she has A LOT of psychiatric problems and mental illness
>I graduate from high school and enter college
>we spend a lot more time together
>breaks up with her abusive boyfriend who tried to kill her once
>she gets herself an apartment, lives on her own (her mom visits sometime)
>I go to the apartment all the time, I begin to realize this girl is beautiful
>on the house, she wears sweatpants/other tight clothing
>cameltoe so obvious it’s hard to believe she didn’t noticed it.
>start feeling attracted towards her.
>FF a few months
>get a call from her
>"hey anon! look, I haven’t been feeling so well lately, my mom is going to commit me in a psychiatric institution, it won’t be for long, just letting you know"
>gives me contact info to visit her, but I never could
>While she was in there, I decide to reveal my feelings for her when she is out

>FF a few weeks
>Finally she is out
>She has lost some weight but still looks beautiful, and it’s now much happier
>her birthday is coming
>she loves adventure time
>decide to buy her a surprise gift
>it’s a jake from adventure time wallet
>give it to her
>she loves it
>immediately discards her old, tattered wallet and places everything on the jake wallet.
>"ty so much anon, you truly are one of the most important persons in my life"
>Find out she is very much in love with some jerk who has mistreated her a lot, they're in an on and off relationship so I can’t do anything
>I even sleep over her house sometimes, it’s not awkward, it’s very fun, we talk and stuff
>on the afternoon we go to a park near her place
>she tells me to lay down in the middle of the grass
>i do it
>she does it too
>we share earphones
>didn’t know something so simple could feel so good
>we take some pictures, they look beautiful
>we both look so happy

>Can’t reveal my feelings yet because of the idiot
>She has a nasty fight with him
>She is distraught
>calls me in the middle of the night
>why won’t he love me anon?
>"he's a jerk, don’t pay attention to him"
>she never stops talking about him
>one night she calls me again
>"i want to become an hero anon, my life is a mess, nobody will love me because of my illnesses"
>tell her I still love her despite her illnesses
>tell her we are all flawed
>but still don’t come out romantically
>her mental and physical well being start to diminish
>she starts to get very sick, very often
>her meds for treating her bipolarity (one her disorders) utterly mess her body up
>she stops taking them
>has manic episodes more often
>I begin to resent her, her character, start to consider her a very annoying person
>slowly grow distant
>she can feel it
>huge strain in our relationship

>barely see Lyn anymore
>but we still talk
>I miss her
>go to her apartment
>we play vidya for a while, ask for a pizza, and talk
>still somewhat of a jerk, but not much, she mistakes it for my usual trollish behavior
>find out some papers
>lyn was madly talented
>gosh these drawings are amazing
>10/10 drawings, portraits, depictions in Chinese ink, pencil, and other instruments
>"I’m working on my people drawing skills anon, maybe one day I'll be able to draw you? and me as well"
>Find other paper
>it’s a collection of poem
>paper is really decayed, figure it must be pretty old
>that’s some somber poetry
>extremely dark
>lyn tells me she wrote it when she was 10
>she was diagnosed with clinic depression soon after
>"my mom was pretty scared when she first found them"
>10 year old drawing these things...must be worse than I thought.
>another strain in relationship caused by me being a jerk again
>FF a few weeks
>Lyn tells me, crying, that she doesn’t want to see her brother in law anymore
>lyn had a married sister, with 2 kids
>lyn was a piece of heaven with kids, she loved them, she was studying to become a preschool teacher, always babysitted for her sister
>one day the kid's father shows up, tries to seduce her
>she rebukes him
>he grabs her and kisses her
>says she doesn’t want to be near that guy ever again.
>Lyn's mom finds her weed stash in the apartment (her mom was paying for the apartment)
>She refuses to pay rent for her anymore
>basically kicks her out the apartment
>places her in a new apartment JUST IN FRONT OF HER SISTER HOUSE
>this causes a lot of anxiety.

>I basically ignore her for over a month because I'm an idiot and I resented her for her being so annoying with me
>Start to talk again, ask for forgiveness, tell her it’s been a pretty busy month so that I wasn’t talking to anyone, but we have some mutual friends so she knows its bs
>"it’s ok anon, i forgive you"
>puts me up to speed with the house thing
>tells me she has to paint it
>i offer to help her
>she refuses, for no reason at all
>she is being kind of cold today
>ask her when can we have another sleep over (Now I was planning to make a move there)
>finally she blows up
>"never again anon!"
>tells me it’s because her mom won’t allow her to bring anymore guys to the house but I know its bs
>she still had the jake wallet btw
>soon after, she closed her facebook
>changed numbers too (she was always changing numbers)
>I decide I don’t care about her anymore, won’t pursue her
>FF a few months
>haven’t talked to her, don’t know anything about her
>mutual friend tells me she is pissed at me
>but deep down I cared
>still do nothing to recover her
>FF a year
>I really miss her now, decide to man up and to get her back
>will be seeing a friend next week, i'll ask him for her contact info then
>wondering how she is doing
>open facebook
>I have some of her friends added, I see one of her best friends a new pic with her
>My heart races with joy when I see the pic
>she looked really happy in the pic
>she had gotten some snakebites piercings on her lips but she still looked so pretty
>but the most important she looked happy
>my happiness turned to ashes when I read the caption of the picture

>"Rest in peace lynda"

>I immediately message the friend who uploaded the pic
>"she's gone anon
>"I’m gonna tell you because I know you 2 were close"
>"she hung herself with a scarf anon, her mom found her in the room"
> "the wake will be tomorrow, do you want to come? you can sit with me if you'd like (she knew I had a social problem)

lyn's portrait
> decide to go, even though I know she hated me
>I even find out that she had opened a new fb a few months ago (with another name) and that she had blocked me, so it was pretty obvious she hated me.
>I attend the wake anyway
>she's gonna be cremated
>close casket
>stand in front for a while
>crushed on the inside
>can’t stop repeating in my head "I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry"
>her friend comes to comfort me
>she tells me
>"you know anon...lyn really liked you"
>"she was always talking about you"
>"she was always carrying this old and tattered dog wallet, she said you had given it to her and that it was one of the best gifts she had"
>"and she always told me how beautiful your heart was with her"
>I start to feel a bit better
>realize I still have nothing to remember her
>she had all of our pictures, and the camera was lost
>a friend at the wake gives me lyn's number
>I add her on whatsapp
>She had a picture
>A beautifully drawn, self portrait
>and on her message, the last thing that was written
>"I have come to love the stars so much, that I can no longer be afraid of the night"


Pic related, her portrait (sorry for crappy resolution) 

read another sad story from 4chan


  1. Bitches with mental problems, amirite?

  2. To be fair that is typical.

    Man is good to her
    Woman doesn't see it
    Man gets into strained situation with woman
    Man gives up after some time
    Woman refuses contact with man (this is one of these kind of weird "tests" women does), all while praising man to the heavens to others
    Man figures that it's over, because all the facts point to it.
    Failed test
    Woman decides the world hates her (even though she brought some of it upon herself) and commits suicide.

    I've seen this chain of events multiple times. It's not OPs fault, cuz he exactly what was asked of him.

  3. rule number one with women.. if shes damaged goods avoid at all costs.


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