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Looking = trouble

creepy dolphin
My 1st (and only, thank god) interaction with a feminist.

>Live in rural Ohio, I know OF feminist, but never seen one
>Get caught with nitrous oxide, get busted with intent to sell it.
>Eff you police, I'm a race car driver, not a drug head.
>Judge wants money so he finds me guilty
>Probation, have to do drug rehab 3 times a week.
>One day I'm walking in, and I see a girl from behind.
>Skinny, looks to be a 8/10 body, nice butt
>She turns around and catches me looking at her butt

>Holy crap, her face looks like the love child of shrek and donkey
>3/10 face, only tards and burn victims are worse looking.
>I make a visibly disgusted face, but her face was complete ANGER.
>she screams RAPPPPPPEEEEEEE at the top of her lungs and runs inside.
>Is hysterical on the free lobby phone calling the cops.
>I go inside, and she's all pointing to me saying "HE RAPED ME, HE RAPED ME!"
>All of my wat.
>Two greasy red necks get up and try to intimidate me
>Dude I'm 6'5", scrawny redneck heroin addicted piece of crap was like 5'9"
>I tell him I didn't do anything
>get called back into drug group.
>cops come busting in the group and say is that the guy Ma'am?
>She points to me and says yes that’s him.
>They handcuff me, back of the car, take me to the jail.
>Take my prints, get a mouth swab for DNA.
>It takes like 4 hours but I finally get to explain ALL I DID WAS LOOK AT HER BUTT.
>They somewhat believe me as she didn't have a mark on her and I didn't have scratch marks or any of that.
>I tell them watch the video from the surveillance cameras in the parking lot
>They do
>They question the girl again, she confirms it was "Much looky rapey"
>Police go "wat"
>They left me go an apologize AFTER 14 HOURS OR SO LATER.

I don't even look at women now. 

read another greentext from 4chan


  1. I would have straight up stabbed that bitch.

  2. I would drink bleach

  3. How did she catch you looking at her butt, did she 180 demon head turn?

  4. lmao I think that's a psychobitch more so than a feminist

    1. Texas is to stupid as psychobitch is to feminazi...

  5. false police report
    bitch should have been thrown in jail


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