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brocop story
> be me 19
> taking photography class
> project due in 2 days
> stay up super late to take night pictures
> go to local bridge
> barely any cars
> taking some dank pictures
> cop pulls up
> crap
>"hey if you're gonna jump, you're on the wrong side"
> oh fugg is this the rare type bro cop?
> sees my camera
> explain to him my situation

> tells me he's into photography too
> let's me take pictures of his car
> all the sudden he has an idea
>"what if I turn on my lights and drive across the bridge, you can take a long exposure picture"
> I'm like hell yeah
> dude calls in another car
> they whip it across the bridge like 3 times to get the perfect picture
> dude gives me his card and email address.
> chills for a bit cause he thought I was cool and it was like 2am
> this whole time I was stoned af.

Pic related, final product. Had another run in with the same guy, will green text. Sorry for photo quality it's a screen cap off my insta

> at a pretty decent house party
> Thursday night
> Halloween weekend
> drunk and pretty stoned
> cops show up
> literally flood the house
> I jump out a window
> I'm one of like three to escape
> stupidly go around to the front of the house
> only one cop out front
> he sees me
> chases me
> catches up because of fence
> I stop, turn around
> it's the same photo bro cop
> we both start to laugh
> at this point it's been like a month since the photo incident
> I'm a d*ck and still haven’t emailed him the picture
> he starts yelling at me that he should arrest me just because I didn't email him the picture
> and that he could because he knows I got beer in my backpack (not 21 yet)
> I'm like sorry dude my bad
> he starts laughing, shoves me tells me to get out of there before the other cops see me
> says if I don't email him the picture and he sees me again he'll taze then arrest me
> I run off into the night dressed as David Bowie

Like 15 kids ended up getting ticketed that night. Was pretty awesome 

read another story involving the police


  1. SO did you send the pictures?

    Prob not, op never delivers


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