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Barber's Freshman Tales: Anger Is Real

dog in water funny reaction
>Be me, known only as “The Barber” by most
>Be 15 at the time
>Be freshman
>Be sitting in 1st period gym
>It is the first week of school
>Everybody is chilling in the bleachers while the coaches get uniforms situated
>Sitting at the top with the dermatologist and this 4/10 attention seeking slutbag
>Like most attention whors, she suffered from a case of unwarranted self-importance
>She then proceeded to blab at us, which was rather annoying
>I made that clear to her by kindly asking her to shut up
She took it the wrong way and started threatening me

>I decided to troll her by telling her to go make me a sandwich (simple, but effective)
>She then screams “MOTHAF*CKA!!!” and slaps me across the face
>I charge up my pimp hand, and ray rice her across the face with the force of a 1000 haitian earthquakes
>She flew downward so hard she hit her head against the lower bleacher
>She then initiated her contingency plan: Summon a douche to come protect her by crying loudly
>Everyone (except the coaches, miraculously) had their eyes on me
>Suddenly, a wild white knight appears in the form of an athlete, who begins to threaten me
>I simply pushed that bastard down the bleachers
>Fell 12 steps
>Everyone is in shock
>He stands up, only to go sulk in a corner
>The bitch didn’t say a single syllable to me the rest of the day
>mfw coaches still didn’t notice 

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  1. MFW "1000 haitian earthquakes. It's the engineer by the by.

    1. No. The Barber

    2. No,it's the engineer all right. I can smell his war on the homeless.

    3. Lol my war on the homeless. Ah, barber i hope to hang out with you again oneday. I know a certain someone who still has nightmares of you btw. I'm gonna start to make greentexts to entitled the engineer.

  2. You did good son


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