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My brother’s love for Pokemon pron

Let's talk about our siblings

>Wake up
>Look around the house wondering where everyone is
>Remembers that I'm home alone while everyone is out (again)
>Daily morning routine
>Play Pokemon Y to pass the time
>Looking for my laptop to start on assignments
>Remember that my twin brother took the car
>See's his laptop in his room
>It's sleeping, leisurely open it
>Logs on to his account, wonder why he never bothers putting a password
>Notice Google Chrome is on
>Opens Google Chrome
>Tabs are nothing but e621
>Every tab is filled with gay Charizard pron
>Brother and I share a love for Pokemon
>Apparently his love for Pokemon far exceeds mine
>Open his web history
>Everything is Dragon and Pokemon pron
>Somehow unusually aroused
>Brother comes home
>Quickly put everything back in it's place
>Ask him if he's up to a battle
>"Sure why not."
>Ask if he's going to be using any dragons
>"Yeah, Anon. I like dragon types"
>Casually asks if he'll be using his shiny Charizard
>"Hell yeah he's my favorite!"
>Fast Foward a few days more
>Whenever he plays Skyrim I bring up Dragons
>Whenever he plays Dragon Age I bring up Dragons
>Whenever he plays Pokemon I ask him about his Dragon team
>He gets all happy talking about dragons
>He has no idea what I mean

read another pokemon greentext


  1. I love pokemon porn and yancy anderson because i'm jerid coffin


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