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Group b streptococcal infection of penis

Never told this to anyone

>Go to cuba with whole extended family.
>get to hangout with a bunch of my red neck cousins.
>We go out every night in these two night clubs 30 minutes away from the hotel.
>Tequila is so cheap, we waste tons of it and get drunk like crazy.
>I spend money like I would back home but get 10 times more out of it.
>We're like the only young white people there, we don't care, we just make friends with everybody through Tequila donations.
>After first week we're like the kings of the place.
>Whole college class consisting almost of only girls arrives at hotel.
>Me and my male cousins are salivating, we invite them over to the club, the hottest ones agree
>Talk with the hotties and enjoy the night, they make me realize all the local cuban girls in the club are hookers.
>MFW I realize the obvious
>Get super drunk and dance with hotties and hookers. One of the Hotties disapproves in a jealous way, pushes prostitutes aside and kisses me forcefully.
>Not into it at all, pain, I walk away and go back to my female cousins.
>They're getting ready to leave so are the college girls.
>My Male cousin and I are still in party mode. Energy drink and Tequila to blame.
>Somehow cousin convince me to drag a prostitute each back to the hotel
>Forced to pay extra cash to the security of the hotel so they'll let the girls pass.
>Dislike the look of the hooker my cousins chose for me, not fugly but just bad hair and messed up color makeup.
>Born with a huge wiener, kind of have a love for powerbanging a girl without care for her well being.
>walk inside room with the girl and she looks hot enough until she shows her horrible beige underwear and lazy body.
>Can barely get hard. None of her excite me.
>Lamest performance ever, didn't even finish or got past maybe 5 inch inside her.
>Send her home, sleep tequila off.
>Flirt extra with hotties from college on day 1 after

>Pain, OMG PAIN going through my member on day 2
>Crap crap crap
>For the rest of the trip hotties put me in situations where I could do them but can't due to the pain. They have boyfriends back home and are cheating with my cousins, everyone keeps wondering why I'm not getting any poon.
>Dodge all the awkward questions
>Member inflating in size everyday, can't wait to go back home and visit a doctor away from the scrutiny of family.
>Hotties often staring at my bulging crotch, keep making jokes about huge noodle. But it is definitely infected with some thing.
>It is becoming inhuman, skin of my dong has ridiculous stretch marks, and I cannot think about anything else but the debilitating pain while I fake everything is alright.
>Take plane go back home, visit doctor.
>Female doctor request my consent to show a collegue, I agree, they both stare in awe at my penis condition, tell me to go to the emergency room at this hospital with a urology department.
>Wait like everybody in the waiting room, see the filter nurse, tell him my story but keeps cloth on this time.
>He goes and talk to the urologist and comes back to tell me the urologist doesn't believe me, gotta checkup my story
>Drop my pants. The surprised look on the face of this veteran in this penis hospital leads me to one conclusion
>It's instantly decided I’m to be hospitalized. At some points 8-9 docs are grouped close to me after a quick glance at my humongous wiener and decide they don't have a clue and will check the medical literature.

>After a week of draining my blood and trying to understand what the hell they decide to procede with a surgery.
>Analyze the content of the infection stuff in my member, find Group B
Streptococcus, doctors all still confused as hell. Say stuff like that develops over months, should be unrelated to cuba, unsure what to think. Never told em about the hooker.
>Circumcision as an adult sucks, pain is unbearable every time the cute nurse talks to me.
>Longest time without masturbating ever, over 8 days O_o doctors tell me I should wait 6 weeks after I go home. About to go insane. Try to fap a stealthy one but way too painfull.
>Masturbate gently as soon as i get home. Eventually succeed in making myself climax. 6 days later.
>Horrible mix of intense pain and pleasure. But relief sweet relief. Heal overtime, go back to normal.
>Only 4 chan knows the whole story

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