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Ghetto trash likes buffalo wings

>be driver for popular organic / punk / expensive pizza place
>there is a Comcast building within our delivery zone
>ghetto trash people ordering all day long
>"Uhhhnn can I git sum buflo wangs, well dun?"
>"You bet, anything else today?"
>"Nah das it"
>blah blah blah we make the guy his wings
>deliver to Comcast building
>call dude’s phone
>no answer
>ask security guard for help
>too many people with same laquisha names
>call again, get answer
>"Uhhn yea?"
>"Hi, this is Anon with Anon's Pizza, I'm at the front desk with your delivery."
>"Aight" *click*
>wait 5 minutes
>wait 10 minutes
>wait 15 minutes
>he comes casually strolling around the corner
>"aight how much do i owe you?"
>"$8.99 after tax with no delivery fee" (we offer free delivery)
>"aight here's $9"
>*sarcastically* "Need any change back?"
>"nahh is gud keep it"
>return to the store
>10 minutes later, answer phone call
>"Uhhnn yeah i ordered sum buflo wangs, well dun, and dey burnt. Ya'll needa make sum mo right away dis ain't coo."
>"Well sir, you did ask for them to be cooked longer than our standard cooking time."
>"yee but i dont want um burnt"
>"Alright, we'll send some more out right away. Make sure to give the old wings back to the driver when they arrive!"
>"uhhhnnn aight but ders only 1 wang left"


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