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Don’t drug and drive

>be me
>Just bought a new (used) car  
>terrible drug habit  
>Drug of Choice is what do you have
>fast forward two weeks  
>driving through the backroads of east bumblefukk
>I'm from kansas so there is nothing but nothing
>cutting out a couple lines of meth  
>railed one
>drug and drive
>grab a can of airduster out of the back and start huffing
for anyone who has never tried it, it basically makes the world sound like dubstep
>all of a sudden i tense up
>start siezing at the wheel
>totally conscious of all of it
>can't move a muscle
>next thing i know i'm not moving anymore
>get my senses about me
>realize i'm upside down
From the looks of it i had gone across the other lane and hit a small hill going about 45 and rolled 3-4 times
>not cool man
>grab baggie of meth and ditch air duster can
Long story short go to rehab and now i have 18months of sobriety and I live in california.

Drugs are great just not for me

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My sweet julia...

>be me
>be 21
>test lasers for a living, doing well
>recently broken up with slutbag gf after 2 years
>hell froze over idk
>gave me an excuse to workout and get in great shape
>finish work on friday
>go to dinner at my families sandwich shop in the town we live in
>20 y/o qt 3.14 julia named Julia works the front counter
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4chan sex

Last weekend I shamed myself /b/

This is the most shameful thing I have done

>be 22
>girl on dating website tells me she is having a party
>invites me and tells me to bring a friend
>says her friends are willing and most likely we will get laid
>call my mate (lets name him anon2)
>tell him about the girl from the dating website
>tell him she pretty much garanteed us sex
>anon2: "bout time this happens"
>rock up to party at 9 with my mate
>3 girls and 1 random guy on dining table drinking

F*cking cheaters

>be me
>16 year old 7/10
> just got out of relationship
>5/10 friend is flirting with me
>friends ex gf
>he's over her now
>flirting a bit more
>w/e we've been friends for years prolly means nothing
>hang out with her
>she gets handsy much more than usual
>decide fuck it its worth a shot
>kiss her in private
>IMMEDIATELY kisses back
>start going hard, grabbing tits, ass, rubbing through pants
>pull down her pants and puts it in
>fucks the ever living shit out of her
>makes me pinky swear I won't tell anyone
> wat? are we 5
>fine whatever
>pinky swear
>find out she was dating someone at the time
>ask her about it
>says they only date on Fridays

How do I react to this /b/ros?