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Crazy blind date Okcupid

Literally just happened to me about 1 hour ago.
>be on okcupid, looking for womens
>constant disappointments, failed promises, etc
>finally an okay looking woman who wants to meet up
>shes black, kinda busted up face but dat butt dear lord
>talk a bit, she wants to date tonight
>put on my nice casual wear clothes, nice cologne, shower, shave, gel, the works
>text her I'll be there in about 20 min
>get to her place, the house looks a bit run down from the outside
>text her "I'm here"
>"Just come in. I'll be ready in a minute."
>...what the? "Just walk in? That's a bit strange lol"
>lights turn on, she steps out, can't really see her from the distance
>a huge shooting star shoots across the sky, must be a sign
>walk up, "Hey!"
>shes just looking at her phone
>Still on phone
>"Oh hi! Come in!"
>Walk inside her house. Finally get to see her
>her house is just a mess
>clothes everywhere, run down, wall paper peeling
>she's wearing sweat pants and sweat shirt
>shows off her butt though, which is nice
>also shows off the huge pot belly she didn't have in her profile pics
>already want to leave
>she doesn't really even look at me, she's just scrambling around looking for shoes
>"Where are my shoes?" she repeats over and over again
>dog starts to bark
>"SHUT UP DOG! That's my dog, bella"
>dog is in a cage going berserk
>puts a muzzle on the dog, "SHUT UP DOG!!"
>I love dogs to the point of autism. This rustled my jimmies, but I stayed because I am desperate
>Keeps repeating "Where are my shoes? SHUT THE HELL UP DOG!!"
>opens her closet to reveal a huge pile of clothing
>literally climbs on the pile of clothes and starts to take things off the top of the closet shelf
>"Where are my shoes? SHUT UP BELLA! Where are my flip flops?! SHUT UP DOG!!!"
>standing there, hands couldn't be any further in my pockets
>literally keep checking my back to make sure no one is sneaking up on me
>felt so uncomfortable
>still digging in her closet
>"Ah ha! Found it!"
>pulls out one of those spa gift baskets. You know, those ones have have slippers, eye covers, soap, etc?
>opens it
>pulls out pair of crappy plastic flip flops
>"Found my shoes! SHUT UP DOG!"
>she still doesn't actually talk to me much
>constantly on her phone
>get a better look of her
>looks kinda like she’s on crack
>she’s scrambling everywhere, throwing a bunch of things into her purse
>runs over to her bathroom
>"So you don't look like you do on your profile..."
>"...really? How so?"
>no response
>she starts to put on makeup
>you had over an hour to get ready and had a 20 min warning and you aren't ready whatsoever
>she goes back into her room, dog has calmed down a bit
>takes off the muzzle
>I have to get out of here... this is insane
>she scrambles around, texting on her phone, not really looking at me
>goes into her room and says
>"Okay I need you to go to the other side of the house and turn on that light. If both of the lights are out it gets really dark."
>walk over
>"Yeah! Just turn the switch."
>you know those light switches that are like little nobs that you turn? Well it was just the stick
>turn that, light turns on
>"Okay thanks! Oh wait I forgot something. Hold on."
>goes back into her bedroom
>nows my chance
>silently open her door, slip outside, close the door
>then sprint to my car
>it was comical, I could have beaten Bolt in a 100m dash I was running so fast
>open car door
>I have coins in the car door handle because it's convenient
>open and shut door so fast coins fly everywhere'
>start car and hit the gas so hard the wheels screech on the wet road
>pull out phone
>"Sorry, you're not my type."
>"ok goodnight"
>delete all dating sites, done with this crap

Anyone else had crazy Okcupid blind dates like that?

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