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You can lead a horse to water

Crazy shit that happened when you were a kid thread
>be me about 16
>friend is 17, we hang out at his grandpas farm during summers
>fish, ride bikes/quads, etc. good times
>except for this one kid who would come by, he was like 15
>not full potato, but a complete fucktard all the same, super annoying, you know the type
>friends grandpa has 5 horses, breeds them
>there is a very young mare in the barn, still nursing
>a demonic idea occurs to my friend and I...
>'Hey fucktard, theres this thing you should try man its so fun!'
>'the young pony is still nursing, as long as the mare is away you can put your dick in its mouth and it will give you the best bj ever trying to suck the milk out'
>he is dumb but not that dumb, tells us theres no way he is doing that
>Friend and I didnt actually do this mind you, we just wanted to see if we could make annoying fucktard do it/see what would happen
>later... a blood curdling scream comes from the barn, I sh…
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Froggy Adventures Part 3: The Captain Hangs Up His Cape

Froggy Adventures Part 3: The Captain Hangs Up His Cape Captain save a ho is a term used to describe someone who will try to "save" a girl from all her problems in exchange for sum fuk. Fellow autists, like me have donned the cape time and again to get sum fuk, and it never turns out well. This is a story about the time the captain save a ho within hung up his cape forever because I put him in the fugging ground :DDD >be me, 17 years old >transfer out of private catholic school because its an actual joke and costs way too much money for what it is >didnt wanna put my parents through all that for the C average student i was >go to a public school for the first time in my life for my junior year >so far, so good >nobody bothers me or messes with me >decide to not make friends there because the school is well known for being a ghetto cesspool and I already have friends back at my old school >get lonely and have nothing to do after school or on weekends for the fi…

Froggy Adventures Part 2: So Close

Froggy Adventures Part 2: So Close
Froggy here. This is the time that i bent myself over a table and fucked myself. Right up the ass. Enjoy my suffering, tadpoles, and learn from it.
>be me, the fall after the summer of becoming an footfag >high school now bitch >time to kick ass and take names >lolsitthefuckdownfreshman.jpeg >join the football team to impress dad and be with friends >accomplish neither and ride bench nearly whole season >did manage to almost get sum fuk tho >it was the start of fall season >one day, a chad and I were waiting for our rides after practice >last two guys waiting on the steps of the school, we chat it up, head down to a nearby convenience store for some snackies >this chad wasn’t too bad >a cut above the other chads on the team, actually a pretty cool dude >we’ll refer to him as brad for the remainder of this story >brad and I run into one of brads friends from middle school on the way back from the store with our snackies >w…